[vpk009] madeofants - relax its only been like 35 seconds, it could be forever (panic attack at a rave holotape simulation)

by madeofants


Daniel Sharp – known as madeofants in the world of glitch art – is a musician and visual artist who fills the audio spectrum with both light and stillness, taking the primitive building blocks of ambient techno and crafting them into something else entirely. Having spent his formative years as a frequent contributor to the experimental electronic and glitch art scene in Chicago, madeofants now resides in metro Detroit with his wife and two dumb cats.

Thanks (in no particular order) - Joshua Sigman, Nick Wilson, Lindsey Sharp, Andrew Horton, Jason Coffman, Aroon Karuna, Mitch Mcconnell, Jason Shanley, the BSOD folks and everyone else who suffers through my knob twiddling.


released May 20, 2016